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Shifting between reality and dream, elation and sorrow, past and present, a man reflects on his place in a world he has lost all connection to.

Heart Land is a meditation on identity, loss and belonging.

A visual poem written, photographed and directed by Thomas Simon.

Starring Chika Enwere
Executive Producer Courtney Dixon
1st AC / Loader Joel Schaeffer
Editor Thomas Simon
Colorist Jacob McKee
Sound Design Darren Maynard

Music: "The Hermit" by J.Laser

Special Thanks to Laura and Will, Fotokem, Reel Good Films and Guido Raimondo, Naomi Christie.

Shot on Kodak 16mm film 250D Color Negative 5207 and 500T Color Negative 5219, on an Arri Sr2 camera and Canon 8-64mm zoom lens.

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